Taiwan Protest March in NYC

On Saturday, I was leaving my apartment to go to the Steuben Day Parade and saw a long line of marchers dressed mostly in green coming down 2nd Avenue and then turning west on 42nd Street.  It took me a moment to realize that this was a Taiwanese protest march that I had seen announced a few days ago.


They were very orderly, had a few chants, stayed on the sidewalk, and had a bunch of people.  I don’t think they’re going to ever get what they want, though.  They want to have recognition of their independence and a seat in the United Nations.  Not likely.  The U.S. is their best friend and even we oppose it.  Too bad.

Actually, I visited there long ago in 1972.  A beautiful island that had a lot of wonderful things for a teenager to see and buy (they didn’t recognize copyrights and you could buy a whole album for about 50 cents; you can imagine how many albums my brother and I brought back).  Whenever I mention my visit to a Taiwanese, he/she always, always, always says something like:  “It’s changed a lot from back then.  It doesn’t look like that anymore.”  It’s almost scary.

Some more pictures of the group.  I’ve no idea of the size, but they stretched way, way out.




I feel for their situation.  They’re an extremely prosperous nation with a wild and wooly democratic system that occasionally includes fistfights in their government’s chambers.  And the rest of the world thinks of them as a rebellious region of mainland China.  Just like Chechnya, which is what these protesters really fear. (For the reasons of that fear, see here and here.)


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3 Comments on “Taiwan Protest March in NYC”

  1. Bill Says:

    H……. hi,
    your work is fantastic…….. is it possible to speak with you about publishing some of your pictures in my non-profit website? How do i get in touch with you to discuss further….. outside your blog?

  2. famousankles Says:

    Thanks for the nice comment. I’ve sent you an e-mail with my contact info, but for the record it is the name of this blog (no spaces) plus at Gmail dot com. WordPress is a nice blog provider, but I’d have to scale way up to get e-mail capability.

  3. Tajuddeen Says:

    I’m so glad you decided to take your vaicaton. It sounds like you really need it, and frankly, I could really use the role model of, oh, not allowing yourself to crash and burn with work burnout. Because it’s all about me.But seriously? I’m really glad you’re taking your vaicaton. You DO deserve it!

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