Guss Pickles Redux

I got me my mighty good pickles.

I had an opportunity to get down to Orchard Street a little while ago and decided to check out Guss’ Pickles again.  It was open.  As I had mentioned, the storefront is a sham.  They roll out the barrels for you to buy from.


That’s Pat Fairhurst, the owner.  She sells a mighty good pickle.  I got the spicy…oh, yes I did.  And it was very, very spicy.  Actually, I bought two.  Here she posed with them.


I know you’d need to know what she sells.  It isn’t just pickles.  She has a few others.  I haven’t (yet) partaken of anything other than the half-sour and the SPICY!!!!!!


Pickles, tomatoes, sour/sweet kraut and peppers, capers, mushrooms and artichokes.  Me, I like the spicy pickle. 

In support of the small businesswoman, and if you’re at all interested:  she does a mail order business and can be contacted at (212) 334-3616.  The hours are 10am-6pm (Sun-Thurs), 10am-4pm Friday, closed on Saturday.  But I already told you that part.

Oh, the address is:  Guss’ World Famous Pickles 85-87 Orchard Street, NY, NY  10002.

She’s a nice person and she makes a mighty good pickle.


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