Ankling to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City

It’s FASHION WEEK…and Famous Ankles didn’t get an invite…again.  I don’t know how the fashionistas could have overlooked me this year.  I even have a blog.

Fashion Week is actually a big deal here in Manhattan.  It brings out the glamour in the town and I sure can’t object to that.  I’m always looking for something new and odd…and that’s Fashion Week all over.  If only they’d invite me.  If only I actually cared about fashion.

Typically, I go through Bryant Park once a week or so.  It’s sort of on my way to Church and it’s a very pleasant park.  Pretty small with a large green open area in the middle.  It’s located right behind the New York Public Library at 5th Avenue and 41st Street and it goes to 6th Avenue and 42nd.  Fashion Week involves building a series of temporary buildings all over the greenspace and letting the rest of humanity surround the area and hope to see the occasional celebrity and model.

Here’s the main entrance at 6th Avenue.20070906-fashion-week-05-main-entrance.jpg

The crowds were there at rush hour (5:45pm) on Friday.


And here’s a shot of the temporary buildings.  This is actually over a hundred yards behind the main entrance.


I had been near this spot last year and apparently it turned out to be one of the “back entrances” used by celebs.  There’s a few discrete car park areas for loading/unloading.  There’s also a nice hotel back here.  I didn’t see anyone using it this year, but I only passed by.

Back at the front, I did get into waiting and watching for about 20 minutes.  Just in case…


And of course that’s why we all were waiting.  It’s interesting to see how the attendees handled it.  Most didn’t even acknowledge the crowd’s presence, while others rushed up/down the stairs as if they didn’t want to be mistaken for someone, and others did love it.


And, as the woman sitting across the way shows…it was a hit with the rest of us.

To keep crimes of fashion at bay, the cops were ever-present.


Walking around, it was easy to spot people who were probably part of the show, whether models or former models or wanna-bees.  I’m not one for asking for poses so I really didn’t capture any of them.  (Actually, last year there were groups of models parading around with mock protest signs to advertise hair care products.  I coulda photographed them without any embarrassment.)

Nevertheless, I did capture one young lady who looked approporiate for the week, but she sure could use some of the GURU energy drink she was advertising.



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    Great post that I found very interesting. You have answered a lot of my own questions! I have already bookmarked you to return at a later date.

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