Too long without a Harlem post?

Looking through some of my old pictures, I spotted one that I can’t believe I didn’t include.  Hey, in this case it gets its own post.

In my second visit to Harlem, I was just wandering around Lenox Avenue and spotted an awning with the world’s strangest slogan.

Harlem - Owens Funeral Home

“Where beauty softens your grief.”  The first time I saw it, I was stunned at the temerity of a place that would invite people in to prepare them to look their best at a funeral.  I thought it was a beauty parlor catering to the mourners.  Instead, it’s a beauty parlor catering to the dead.  Well, not quite just a beauty parlor.

Yes, folks.  It’s for a funeral home.  Actually, Owens Funeral Home at 121st and Lenox Ave.  I’m told it’s Harlem’s busiest.  Apparently they specialize in…putting the best face on a tragedy.  It’s just too weird.  You can google them and get some extra weirdness.  There are actually books put out showing their handiwork.  Just too weird. 

Welcome to NYC.


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One Comment on “Too long without a Harlem post?”

  1. Erni Says:

    thanks for adding antddioial comments and for being a long time reader of HarlemGal Inc. Much appreciated. And sorry to hear you’re disappointed with my position on this topic. First, I would like to stress and remind that I am a blogger. I am active on social networks just like you and many other Harlemites. I have an opinion, whether it be right or left, up or down, black or white; and I choose to share my opinions in an open forum. I am not bound by an editor, which some might think I am as a blogger, but I am not. I do not receive compensation at this time, which some Harlem blogs do and its their right. Maybe that’s why they stay neutral? Who knows? But again, their right.Second, a blog is an open journal and it can go in any direction it chooses. Since I own this blog, I choose to mostly blog about all things positive happening in Harlem. At times, I have chosen to take a position on certain topics happening in Harlem. For example, I have taken a position on Lee, Lee’s Baked Goods, Cedric French Bistro, TedX Harlem, Lenox Lounge when it publicly claimed hardship to the NY Daily News, and I have taken it up with a few journalists, not bloggers, on my twitter account about their negative reporting on Harlem. So to characterize HarlemGal Inc as a neutral blog is-to me-completely inaccurate. In fact, I have been called on other blogs a Harlem cheerleader on crack for so much one-sidedness-mainly on the positive side. As for the tone of my blog post on Lenox Lounge vs Lenox Social, at that time I truly felt so disappointed and frustrated that this was the card Lenox Lounge choose to play. Out of all the business cards to choose from given their current financial constraints was that really the primary card to choose from? Like many social networkers, I am asking, not looking for agreement, only discussion.I hope my response sheds some light on where I am coming from as a blogger. And again, thank you for contributing to the discussion and for reading HarlemGal Inc.

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