Times Square Church Redux

As usual, I went to my Episcopal church on Sunday.  We had 16 attendees.  Yowza!

However, I’ve been noticing that my site still gets some hits from people going to my Times Square Church post and thought I’d drop by there after today’s Episcopal service to get a picture or two with my new camera.

Times Square Church is located on Broadway and 51st Street.  As you’re walking up Broadway, here’s what you see:

Times Square Church general area 1

On the left, right above the McDonalds, is part of what is called the Times Square Church Annex.  I never went in there during my previous attendance, preferring either the actual church area or the downstairs area.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the front of the church.

Times Square Church main entrance 1

Times Square Church main entrance 2

Three comments:  1) there more people at the entrance there than attended my church.  Good for them!;  2) You can start to see some of the diversity of the attendees.  I’ve never attended a Church with such a wide ranging group.  This is NYC, of course, but it still goes beyond that; 3) Usually, I’ve seen a lot of homeless around the front.  They seem to be missing today.

I didn’t go inside (no way would I get a seat inside the service area, I don’t know what else to call it…sanctuary, pews, none really seems to work) because I felt like a jerk taking their pictures from across the street.


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2 Comments on “Times Square Church Redux”

  1. LUCAS Says:

    I’ve a dream: To go to NYC and visit the blessed churches, including the Times Square Church, God bless it 4ever.
    Amazing worship place!

  2. Victor Says:

    rent a cheaper hotel, take a cab to where ever you want. they have a sight seenig bus where you pay like 50 dollars and it goes to all the sights in new york, they have many buses and you can jump on and off when ever you like and see the sights you want to see, take your time and hop on the bus and go to the next one. cabs are fairly cheap. the bus deal is well worth the money. you would want to visit times square at night time, it is wonderful. i would not drive there for sure. check out the skyline hotel in manhatten. it is walking distance to times square and is fairly cheap.

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