Police arriving in force at Wachovia Bank on 42nd Street and 3rd Ave.

Saturday’s wanderings got off to an interesting start.  I was walking to the subway and heard an oh-so-familiar sound:  police sirens.  They’re constant in NYC, but they do let me know when not to cross the street.  I held my position and, whatya know:  they stopped at the Wachovia Bank right in front of me.  Five of them within a period of about 30 seconds.  The picture below just shows two, but the others showed up at the left side of the bank.

Police at Wachovia 1

The police piled out and quickly ran up to the bank.  They were met by someone looking like a bank manager or something.  No guns drawn, but there was a bit of tension in the air.  Some of the cops ran up to windows and started peering in.

Wachovia Bank 2

Once again, no sense of urgency; more like a sense of “we got an alarm, we gotta check it out.”

I saw the “manager” or whatever talking with the one cop.  My immediate thought was “false alarm”.  I checked the news on Sunday to see if there was anything.  There wasn’t.  Nonetheless, it was interesting to watch it as I walked along.

I did find out that the bank opens at 10am on Saturday, while the police arrival was about 9:50am.  Maybe while setting up the teller drawers, someone accidentally tripped the silent alarm.


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