Lexington Avenue is now half open!

You probably don’t really care all that much, but I’m delighted by the fact that one lane of Lexington Avenue is now open going through the area of the steampipe explosion that I blogged about recently (i.e., between 40th and 42nd streets).  Unfortunately, the store I often go to for dinner is on the side of the still-closed lane, so it is still shut down.  Nevertheless, I’m happy that the repairs are moving along.  A recent article in the Daily News said that the stores will probably be operational in mid-September.  They’ve had a very rough time.


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One Comment on “Lexington Avenue is now half open!”

  1. WendyWings Says:

    Hi there, Theo sent me over from his place. Glad to hear the street is reopen. That was some doozy of an explosion !

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