Those small pictures

Just in case it isn’t clear:  I put up the pictures in two fashions:  (1) I can embed the picture into the post; and (2) I can put in a “thumbnail” picture.  Those are much smaller and you need to click on them to get the full picture.  Of course, with my $20 camera a “full picture” may not be much more clear than a thumbnail.

[UPDATE:  I’ve got a new camera and I’ve solved the sizing issue.  You can still click on pictures to make the bigger, sometimes a lot bigger.  This post is, therefore, moot.  But, I like the picture in it and don’t wanna remove it.]

Just for the sake of putting in a picture, here’s a picture taken in May 1955 of my Dad, Mom, and Mark (Famous Ankles’ big bro).

My Dad, Mom, and Mark on May 26 1955

I originally wanted to do this as a thumbnail, but the upload process only offered me the options of “Full Size” and “Title”.  The agony of blogdom… [Update:  ….isn’t around this topic anymore.]


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One Comment on “Those small pictures”

  1. Adeg Says:

    Hey Dave, love your weekly video tips I’m lennairg so much!Just tried out Cool Video Gallery uploaded 3 videos 4.5Mb each put the code in a new page the 3 videos appear nicely in the grid layout But as soon as I click a video, instead of a Lightbox (or Shadowbox) appearing, the video overwrites the entire page and appears in the centre of the page. I’ve tried to track down the developer (can’t find any tutorials), hope I can get this to work it LOOKS so cool in your video! Fingers’ crossed

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