A Quiet Sunday in NYC

I really did very little today.  Just a bit of local wandering and a very long afternoon nap.

Church was uneventful this morning.  We started with just about 5 of us and grew to 15 or so by the end of the service.

A bad photo of Times Square at 8:30am on a Sunday morning.

Times Square on a Sunday Morning

And the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, on 46th between 6th Ave and 7th Ave.  It’s the gray building.

Church of St. Mary the Virgin

After Church, I went and got some stuff at Home Depot and did a little work around the co-op.  Just some minor stuff that I’ve put off for a while.  Then a long nap and some afternoon TV watching.  What a boring, but pleasant, day.

Late in the afternoon, I went to see how close I could get to the office.  I found that they are opening streets very quickly and that’s nice.  I passed by a local as he was excitedly proclaiming to his neighbor that “The street’s open, that means the mailman comes tomorrow!”.  You forget that that neighborhood, if they weren’t evacuated, were still badly affected.  The mail’s a minor thing, but not really.

I found that my office building is sort of open.  I could get in, but they would only let me go on an escorted trip to my office for a maximum of five minutes.  Because I do almost all of my work on the computer, I didn’t need anything, but they wouldn’t let me make any calls from my office to see if others needed something.


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