Two Days After the Steampipe Explosion

It’s hard to believe one person is dead after the event and two others are in critical condition.  This morning, here’s the closest I could get to the site.  This is from 41st and 3rd Avenue.

A view up 41st Street July 20 am

For the second day, and probably for a number of more days, we are operating out of our disaster recovery site.  I went in today simply because I couldn’t stand not being at work and having to operate at a distance via phone and e-mail.

They’re saying that the asbestos may be in the air conditioning units and that they may need to do a lot of work to clean it out.  The City is also tearing up lots of the street(s) in the area to re-lay electrical lines and whatnot.

Work was interesting in the sense that people are still drawing parallels between this and 9/11.  Not so much for anything as much as distrust of what the City is saying about the area being clean.  Nevertheless, people were pretty productive and I got finished with a couple of big reports and sent them off to the affected parties.


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