Italian Harlem on Pleasant Avenue

Yeah. “Italian Harlem”. I didn’t know it existed until recently and found a very small article on it. I knew I was headed to Spanish Harlem and thought I’d stop by. The article had mentioned the area was very small and confined to just a single street (Pleasant Avenue) from 114th Street to 119th. I had to check it out. If nothing else, I figured I could get some good Italian food.

I also wanted to see a better Manhattan home for the Italians than the rapidly vanishing Little Italy.  (It turned out that the next day I went to Brooklyn and saw a thriving Italian area where the Giglio festival was held.  But that’s not Manhattan.)

Folks, just from my eyeballing, there’s very, very little left of Italian Harlem.

And I couldn’t find any restaurants. There were a couple of little foodstores like everyplace in Manhattan. I saw a number of people who could have been Italian (they didn’t look particularly Spanish/Hispanic to me, at least; and I heard a few talking in idiomatic American accents). But the place is just…zip.

It has a couple of impressive areas. The first was the “Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics“. It’s a magnet high school for science and has a long history in the area.

So I wandered through the area. It was really, really empty. It had some nice buildings and the like, but nothing that made you want to move there or to renovate. If you go a little further to the north and west, in regular Harlem you’ll find lots of magnificent buildings (although many in sore need of some really heavy duty maintenance). Here, just okay stuff.

At the north end of Pleasant Avenue, there’s a huge expanse of an exercise area. Really, really big. And by big, I mean huge. All cemented flat and designed as a sports area. There was a cement baseball/softball area, there were a number of basketball hoops (I saw three or so just near the fence). But not a single person. The place, like most of Italian Harlem, just seemed to be…empty and locked up.

There are two major Churches in the area: Holy Rosary Church and Mt. Carmel. There’s even a small school in the area. Not unexpected and it was empty, too. Of course, I went on a Saturday and didn’t expect the kids to be hanging around there. But to have a huge exercise area just empty? I dunno. (It wasn’t in good repair, but seemed servicable for softball/kickball/whatever. The hoops were all bent out of shape, though.)

Pleasant Avenue is bounded by a park to the south (I’ll post on that separately) and what look like projects to the north. In between, it’s mostly just quiet. Now, in Manhattan that’s a good thing, but I had hoped for a little more.

For full disclosure, it did have one really nice feature. There were a number of community gardens scattered in the area. Regular readers know I love those community gardens and I did find one very unusual one (well, at least different) and I’ll post on those separately.


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174 Comments on “Italian Harlem on Pleasant Avenue”

  1. D. Bell Says:

    We have a post on Italian Harlem, which is now Spanish Harlem. Also, quite a few of the catholic churches in the area have been closed by the dioceses. Tab down on East Harlem for the background.

  2. Mama Squid Says:

    You must have gone after the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel was over for the year. It started during the last week of June, right in front of Manhattan Center High School and ran for two weeks or so.

    The “old Italian” presence in the neighborhood is still quite telling to those of us who work there. Our Lady of Mt Carmel Church still has a great deal of influence, from both the Hispanic and Italian constituencies and the RAO’s crowd is still quite powerful. Regarding restaurants, you missed Rao’s (corner of 114th and Pleasant, across from the school) and Patsy’s (the ORIGINAL Patsy’s) at 117th and First. Patsy’s is know for their pizza but serves great Italian food as well. Orbit’s at 116th and Second is also “old neighborhood” for all that it has had a few owners.

    Unfortunately, Marrone’s bread shut down a few months ago. That was a long time hold out and made some of the best bread I’ve ever tasted.

    Yes, the neighborhood is not strongly Italian any more but it has a mixed history going way back to the 40’s with the initial Puerto Rican influx. There is a book about it but I don’t remember the title right now … The first Principal of Benjamin Franklin H.S. (now Manhattan Center) had to do a lot of work to get the different constituencies to learn together but when he did, Ben Franklin became known as one of the best schools in the city (until the mid 70’s when it went down hill. It was one of the first schools to be closed and reopened as something else).

    • Yes It Was an Still Is a Great Neighborhood IWas One Of Generations Coming Fro The Best Neighborhood In all 5 Boros I Still Go Down to Meet Up With Friends an We Have Tables Where We Eat an Chit Chat With All The Old Neighborhood Friends That Return For The Feast Of O’GIGLIO BTW When Ben franklin School Closed It Was an All Boys School Re Opened An Went Coed.. tHX fOR lETTING mE sound Off I Am Proud To Say I Was Born an Raised In Good Ole East Harlem
      Viva La Pleasant Ave 119st Pleasant Ave
      God Bless Milly xo aieh

  3. Philip O'Brien Says:

    I lived on Pleasant ave and 116th street for about 10 years age 7 to 17. Went to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School. The mid 60’s and 70’s was a time that is frozen at least in my mind. Another book is the Pleasant Avenue Connection, by David Dirk. A must read!! Pleasant avenue deserves respect it’s memories will never be forgotten. My parents and grandparent came from there also. Stories? I have a million of em. But they are within.

  4. Forza Italia Says:

    I feel the Italian Presence in Italian Harlem.

    I took a stroll up there too recently.

    Went into the Church (Mt Carmel).
    Met one of the Priests who also gave me nice book.

    Yes, Raos , and Patsy’s still strong.
    And on many of the side streets connecting 1st Avenue to Pleasant Avenue (and on Pleasant Avenue) , Italians are there.

    You found it exactly as most Italian Neighborhoods are.
    Quite. With not much commotion around (untill Feast time ofcourse).

    Go to Italian Harlem during the Giglio Feast, and you’ll see.

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  5. forza Italia Says:

    Check out Claudio’s barber shop as well (on 116th street) , one of the original residents of Italian Harlem.

    Also come leave your e mail address on our webstie

    • MILLIE C Says:

      I stop in to see him Every Giglio or Mt Carmel Feast Nice To See He Has a Lot Of Pictures Of Friends From Harlem On His Walls Old Cash Register, Old Fashion Tiles On The Floor He’s Kept Lots Of Nostalgia To The Shop He Looks Fantastic At His Age God Bless xo

  6. jane Says:

    I grew up on 114 St. near Rao’s and went to Mt. Carmel. Would love to hear from people from there – some friends were DeMizzio, Sica, Moore, Alvino, Calabrese, Casale, Russo, etc. Would love to talk old times. Remember “Mickey the Bookie”! Would do a number run at 3:00 every afternoon while the housewives hung out the windows.

    Let’s get together and talk over the great old times!

    • MILLIE C Says:

      Would Love To Her From You Did U Know a Josette Caivano Living In The Bx Now

    • christine Alvino Says:

      dear jane
      Stumbled on this site by putting my dad’s name in computer.
      He was Charles Alvino and we lived on East 120th st. However my uncle Christy had a florist on 116th and my grandma had a house on 116th. We lived next door to Joe Rao and my dad and the Rao’s were good friends. Vinnie at my wedding actually. My grandma had 9 little Alvino’s and perhaps you may remember.
      I went to Holy Rosary and am 67 years old.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I lived on hun19 in the fifties went to holy rosary, worst years of my life..I think the nuns there hated little italian kids…Remember freedies on hun19 and cecila hendrecks. My grandparent lived last house on the right for 50 years in the same apartment, then moved to first avenue next to delightfuls. There was a gulf gas station station on first across the street from Patsy my both uncles owned it up until the eighties…scotties candy store and when ps 80 was on the corner not down the block..great memories……

  7. steven oliveri Says:

    hey phil obrien,how are you ,this is steve oliveri we went to olmc together



  9. Robert P Says:

    I grew up on 122nd St, between 1st and 2nd Ave. I remember attending Thomas Jefferson Jr HS and swimming in the city pool at 166th St. Also, there was a Boy’s Club I attended on 115th (I think). The tenement we lived in had a horseradish factory across the street from it and the bandstand for the Lady of Mt Carmel feast was often on the corner of 122nd and 1st Ave. What a hoot to recall the ‘good old days’ when we had nothing, but had everything!

  10. Robert P Says:

    I meant to say I swan at the city pool at 116th ST…

    • MILLIE C Says:

      Hi Robert
      The Pool Was 113th St Hey 13 Cents To Get In How About the ‘3ft Pool an The ’15 Feet Pool We Really Lived Dangerously lol All Us Girls Would Do Was Come Out The Locker Room an Walk Around Hoping The Guys Would Notice Us
      No ~~ Luck ha ha ”Moonlite Bathing ?? Do You Mean The Boys Club at 111St First an 2nd Aves ?? The Bandstand For The Mt Carmel Was 116th st The Bandstand For Cosmo Damian Feast Was 117th St ”OMG I Feel Like i Died an Went To Heaven Nice Talking With You Keep Touch xo

  11. MILLIE C Says:

    I Was Born On 111st 2nd an 3rd aves Firehouse St Machito Living Down The Block Feast Days Had To Wait On Line To Get Into The Church Buses Came From All Over To Return To The Neighborhood I Still Go Down There For Giglio God Bless The Bronx Guys For Bringing It Back To 114th St Pleasant Ave Seeing Faces After 50Yrs What Memories I Worked In Johny Delitefuls Where All The Goodguys Hung Outside an Made Sure We Girls Were Safe See It’s No Longer There Stop By Rao’s There’s an Apt Bldg Over It Ah My Parents Paid 18.00 a Mt For Rent Today We Can’t Afford To Live There It’s All Changed The’ll Never Have The Memories We Had There If Anybody Remembers Me Please Contact Me Hey The Redwings “””

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    • Your answer was just what I needed. It’s made my day!

  12. MILLIE C Says:

    Looking For a Donna Who Was Looking For Rosalie Married To Vinnie Gums Contact me Iknew 3 donnas from harlem which one are you ???

  13. MILLIE C Says:

    Had Good Times Living In Harlem Stood In The Park Remember The White House ?? {The Jefferson Pool} {Midnite Bathing} {The Red Wings} Went Out With Albett The Pool Was $13 cents Ohh what about the Cosmo $26cents to get in There I’m Down There For Giglio Every Year Hoping To Meet Someone I Know I’ll Meet Gigi Hey Gigi Remember Those Good Old Days It Was Like Living With ”GOODFELLOWS”SEE U at Giglio U Crazy Redhead ”’Dirt lol

  14. MILLIE C Says:

    This Is For Jane !!! Never Knew a Jane From Harlem We Were Either a Marie, Jeanie or a Millie, lol I Remember Casale From 114th Between 2nd 3rd Aves ”Anna Casale she died When She Was 14yrs old And there were the Casales from 112th first ave Do You Mean ‘Marie Sica From 114th How Old Are You ??? I Worked In Johnny Delitefuls With Gigi Redhead !!! Do You Know Her !!! If You’re At Giglio Feast This Year Sit By Rao’s Or By Mt Carmel Church I’ll Look For You !!!!

    • Mudasir Says:

      HomeBusiness Info + HoursGift CertificatesService MenuSalon PicturesMonthly CouponMeet San of SanOlviMeet Our Stylist MayaMeet Our Stylist Liz Bookmark the permalink.

    • frank budano Says:

      Millie just reading some of your stories from the pass my name is Frankie and I know Gigi well also John delitefuls brothers kids matty and sally and sure many more of your old friends us I remember gigi married a cop.

      • Anonymous Says:

        live love an will never forget being born raised in the best neigh love my east harlem milly 111st god bless us always aieh


    Hi Millie, i don’t know if you know about this website “” but if you have not been to this website you ought to check it out. The are alot of people from your old neighborhood on this site.
    My dad grew up on pleasant ave/116th from the 40’s to the 60’s. My dads name is william”billy” cimmino. My dad’s brother was philly rags.he started out in the redwings.Did you know my dad’s family? grandma joan,aunt chicki,uncle philip and my dad”billy”.
    The only thing with this website is the creators of this site don’t like the”redwing/goodfellas talk. Not sure why. Anyway i must say that from what i hear about your old neighborhood it was one of a kind and something you guys will never forget.Take care.

    • MILLIE C Says:

      ‘Hi William Happy To Hear From Someone Connected To The Old Neighborhood The Redwings Were Notorious Back Then Most Of The Gangs Were Too But They Were The Noted Ones Bad Guys ?? But They Were Really ”’Goodfellows We Girls WentGa~ Ga Over Them Proud To Have Been a Redwing Deb I Don’t Know How Old You Are But This Must Sound Odd To You I Think Remember Phillie Rags Was He Known We All Had Nicknames Back Then What Memories,, Can’t Ever Be Erased From Ones Mind If The Came From East Harlem Does Ure Uncle Phillie Remember Jimmy Black JB, ‘Canhead {Weegie Passed Away Last Year}} Louie Ore, Knucleball The List Goes On an On Does He Remember Me ??? I Worked In Johnny Deliteful Had a Sister Anette Thx For That New Website …I’ll Weigh My Words If I Talk To Anyone On There Always Remembering That Loose Lips Sink Ships Nice Talking Too Keep In Touch


    Hi Millie, thanks for the response. I’m a little younger(39). My dad Billy Cimmino,uncle Philip”Philly Rags”,aunt Chicki and grandma Joan lived 326 pleasant ave.I only have a few stories”stickball/camps” of my dad growing up in the old neighborhood because he passed away 1985 of a massive heart attack at the age of 41.I just turned 15 when he passed.My dad went to Holy Rosary.My dad was the baby in the family. My uncle Philip encouraged his younger brother to join the sevice in the mid 60’s because he did not want him in the gangs”redwings”/crew’s like himself. My uncle Philip passed 2003 on Mothers day. My uncle Philly was one of a kind! My dads family have all passed away so it is really nice to be able to hear from people that came from this unbelievable neighborhood.Thanks for the advice”loose lips sink ships”. There are plenty of people on that website i refered you to that talk about Johnny Deliteful. I hope you are able to connect to some old friends from the pass. Take Care

    • MILLIE C Says:

      Hi William, Sorry Bout Ure Dad an UNCLE pHILLIE’S Passing, I Sope To Johnny Delitefuls Son By 2His 2nd Marriage I Don’t Know Him But He Was Glad To Hear From Me Being I Worked For His Dad Someone Also Cotacted Me From 109Th St He Rememembers Me This Website Is Wonderfulan I Feel Blessed To Be Here an Still Contacting Friends From The Old Neighborhood Most Are Gone But That’s How Life Goes We Move On For The New To Become Friends So That They Have Something To Share as They Grow Old But I’ll Be Honest They Will Never Have What We Had Growing Up In East Harlem Everybody Cared For One Another The Smells Of Cooking On Every Floor Of Ones Bldg If Ure Mom’s Wasn’t Home ?? Someone Elses Mom became Ure Mom Till She Got Home Very Unusual Like Because Our Mothers Really Didn’t Go Too Far ha ha Ahhh Great Memories Keep In Touch Be Well God Bless xo


    Hi Millie, just a quick question. Did you happen to know my grandpa “Willie Main”/Philly rags dad? Any info or stories of him? He had a card room on East 116th. Thanks and Take Care.


  18. MILLIE C Says:

    Hi William,
    Sorry I Don’t Remember ure Dad Or G’Dad I m Sure I Remember Ure Uncle Phillie Rags
    Was He Married ?? There are Some Oldtimers Still Around Thx a Million For The Old Neighborhood Site Got In Touch With A Few That I Remember We May Be Meeing For Giglio Feast It’s Been Such a Long Time Since We Saw One Another If Ya Want I Could Mention Ure G’Dada Name Or Uncle Phillie Rags Maybe Some One Will Remember ?? I Don’t Like To Drop a Name Unless I’m Told It’s Ok ”Nice Talking To Ya Keep Touch xo

  19. tester Says:

    Italian Harlem is getting more and more known now a days.
    With the younger Italian generation who were not so familiar with it, are now very interested.
    i recently also found out about the Stick Ball reunion that takes place on Pleasant Ave (Italian Harlem) every year (and has been for the last 20 or more years).
    I would like to see the next one in person.
    i found this link –

    but it does not give the date.

    what is the date of the next stick ball reunion on Pleasant Ave ?

    Also , how many (Italian) social clubs are there in italian harlem today ?
    I heard about
    old Sons of Victory Club and some others (one on 115th and one on 116th).

    Also is Pleasant Cafe’ open on Pleasant ave and 118th ?

  20. MILLIE C Says:

    Hi William
    Dropping By To Say Hello An Hope That All Is Good By You …I Met So Many People On That Site That You Gave To Me I’ll Be Meeting Up With an Seeing Faces That I Haven’t Seen In Over 50yrs…. ”Thx To You Do You Live Far From The Old Neighborhood ?
    Why Not Come To GIGLIO ?
    And Meet Up With Some Of Us Have a Good Week ~End
    God Bless …. ”Millie xo


    Hi Millie,
    I am really happy to see that you have reconnected with old friends from the neighborhood. I happen to visit that site a few times a day and enjoy watching you guys talk about the old days and the breaking/busting of eachothers balls/chops is so funny. It’s nice to see the love you guys have for eachother. I just wish that somebody in my dads family could of experienced what you guys are doing right now. Like i said before i only have a few stories of my dads family and how they grew up in EH and i could not quite understand/comprehend what they were saying but now that i follow you guys it all makes sense. The few stories i have are just like the ones you guy talk about.
    Millie thanks for thinking about me.I live in the broke state of california so i probably won’t make it this time. I don’t mind if you drop the Cimmino name.Thanks and Take Care. PS you and genie boy are lots of laughs. Going over to the other site to see what you guys are chating about.

  22. MILLIE C Says:

    Hi William,
    Thanx For Ure E~mail We Were All Nothing Less Than The ”Best Coming From The Greatest Neighborhood To Be Born an Raised In ”East Harlem … Ure a Little Younger Than Most Of Us On This Site That Ya Introduced me Too Knowing That Ya Enjoyed This Site Just as Well The Good Goings On That We’ll Never Forget ‘Softball ‘Stickball Dances Bus Rides Feasts Bazaars, Parties The Smells Coming Out Of Everybodys House While Moms an G’Ma’s Cooked I Know That Ure Missing Family But Hey… Remember That’s What Were Here For…Were Like Each Others 2nd Family Speaking For Myself an Sure For Others as Well
    {Just Don’t Ask For a Loan ha~ ha}.. I’m Glad I Met Up With Ya Even Though I Can’t Place Ure Father I Remember Ure Uncle ”Phillie Rags I’m Sure That Ure Dad Was a Good Man Too Oh That Genie~Boy He Seems To Have a Temper ”Poor Baby ha ha But He’s Really a ”Sweetheart Hear That Genie ~Boy I’m Being Nice, Just Breaking Ure Chops lol ”Know I Luv Ya
    William Come Say’Hello Anytime Milly xoxo

  23. Joe Sav Says:

    Steven Oliveri are you out in Long beach? I remember Rao’s with all the dogs running around. Rosie’s Candy store. Sorry to hear Marrones bakery is gone. Also those late night bugers at Delightful.

    • Theresa Says:

      Hey, I use to live in the building right next to Rosie’s and my mom worked at Delightful. How could they make Delightful’s a DD?

      • Theresa Says:

        Anyone remember the toy store on the corner of 116st and 1st ave? What was the name of it? and what was the name of the bakery on the coner of 116st and 2nd ave?

    • Anonymous Says:

      I hung out at rosie’s my name is bernadette and my best friend was louise i am sure you know us

      • Frank Concerto Says:

        I think I remember you and Louise , Bernadette. You were dating Johnny(Lefty) if I am not mistaken and hung out on 119th St. I lived in 502 119th St. and was unattached. Frank

      • Alex Says:

        MY SPEECH WAS ABOUT BESIE SMITH AND SHE WAS VERY IMPORTANT 2 the harlem reascsnnae. Bessie smith as As widely believed, Bessie Smith did die following a car crash, but she was never refused admittance to a white hospital.

  24. MillieC. Says:

    Hello To Everyone
    I Have These 2 Sites Already but THX , Just The Same There’s Another Site That Some May Not Be Aware Of ”’Angelas Italian Heritage …. Go Enjoy Every Memory That Comes From East Harlem From The 40’s Till 2,000’s Are Never To Be Forgotten Just Keep Posting An We Will Go On,an On, an On,
    Have a Good Day
    Milly 111st xo


    Mr.Joe Sav, if you don’t know about this site”” you ought to check it out. There are quite a few people that came from your neighborhood on this site. Good luck on reconnecting with friends from the old nieghborhood.
    William Cimmino III

  26. Anonymous Says:

    does anyone remember the Caporrino’s

  27. AJB Says:

    I’m not from the neighborhood but I find the bond between the people from this section interesting. In reading about East harlem I’ve read many times over “we had nothing, at the same time we had everything”. There’s something missing from modern suburbia that the residents of East Harlem had.
    I’ve also read that some 3rd generation Italian Americans have moved into the “old neighborhood”. Does anyone know how many Italians live there in 2009?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    If you didn’t grow up in East Harlem, whoever writes about it cannot and will not be able to relate to the people that grew up there. Many unable stories and lots of good times.

  29. […] generations of new comers to the neighborhood who know very little to nothing about its authentic Italian roots. For a new comer who knows very little about the past history of 110th street, listening to the […]

  30. c curzio jr Says:


    My father , Carmine Curzio lived on 430 east 115th street between pleasnat and 1 ave. I am in my late 50 ‘s and my father passed away 1990. Does anyone recall Congerssman Vito Marcantonio ? , REX ICES , ideal pet shop; t hey often sold fireworks around July 4th. Jefferson park had the swimming pool and the baseball field that had center field being more than 5-6 feet away from home plate. The Mt Carmel Feast is only a minuture one now . I recall the women dancing in the street during the feast. and the games there ; I would try and throw a coin on top of a plate to try and win a goldfish . The plates i am told were waxed up .

    C CUrzio JR.


      Mr.Carmine Curzio, you should try this website ””
      I’m sure some one on this site remembers your father. Good Luck.

  31. millie c Says:

    Looking For a PYHLLIS BASILE FROM EAST1 14ST 2nd Ave IN EAST HARLEM IN THE 60’S Was G/F OF Edgido From 118st an Joe Ferarra From 107st Any Help Will Be Appreciated Thx Millie aieh

  32. Richie Brown aka Mr.Soccer Says:

    I was born on a Hun 7 street & first. For those people who are not from Harlem that means 107 street and first Ave.

    There was no place like Italian Harlem. When they threw down our buildings, and replaced them with “The Projects” most Italians moved to the Bronx. I moved to Brooklyn, but for years after that I visited what was left of my beloved East Harlem every day.

    Would go to my friend Johnny Italian deli called “Johnny’s Super Heros” formerly Celientos.

    We would eat and talk about the old days.

    I go back for the Giglio feast and take my kids with me.

    When I lived there it did not always seem like Disney land. But today 40 years after I left it does seem like Disney land. God I loved that place still do.

    Last Month I went to my wife’s elementary school reunion. They were nice people. But they talked about their neighborhood for about a total of 10 minutes. After that all they talked about was what’s wrong with them because they are old like the rest of us. :-)

    When I am in East Harlem we don’t do that. We tell stories about things that happened, and the fiends we had that are still here, and stories about our friends that passed away. That we never will forget.

    • Rob Says:

      I knew the Celientos and the Ballarins (same building) It was across the street from Ragonas bakery. Ragonas bakery was next to the social club .. Mikey Mule, Big Sam, Zip, Papa Joe, Knobby..

    • share Says:

      I’m not worthy to be in the same forum. ROTFL

      • Dominick Rocco Says:

        I lived between 106 & 107th Street & 1st Ave. (Across the Street from Ciccone’s Bar). I’mm 77 years old & I also tell people that I was born in East Harlem. Those were the good old days.They use to call my father Dabo.

  33. millie c Says:

    Hi Mr Soccer

  34. Anonymous Says:

    does anyone remember when THEY tried to change the name from Pleasant Ave to Paladino Ave.
    I think most of you are probably too young to remember. Well no one in the neighborhood would go for it.

    ‘ YOU GUESSED IT>>>> ”’PLEASANT AVE”’ lol lol Milly xoxo aieh


    anyone out there who graduated from Our Lady of Mt Carmel School in 1949 or anytime close to that?


    no one out there from Mt Carmel School? ask your friends and family.

  38. Larry S Says:

    Hello, I was a Jewish kid growing up on 116 and Lex around 1950. Wanted to mention that Evan Hunter, the guy who wrote Blackboard Jungle and the Ed McBane detective novels, wrote a good book about a kid growing up in Italian Harlem around then, Streets of Gold. I thought he really got it. Cosmo Theater and all.

    A lot of my folks’ friends were Italians and many stayed in touch even after we all moved to the Bronx or Queens or Jersey. Even today I can remember the tastes of the foods in people’s homes and the little restaurants in the basements of brownstones. I still cook some of the recipes my mom learned; she wound up being a terrific Italian cook. (Very very good thing we weren’t kosher.) In 1994 I got to Naples and Sicily for a while and a lot of stuff became clear. My grandmother and our friends’ nonna used to sit on a bench or stoop, talking to each other in Yiddish and Siciliano, neither knew what the other was talking about. This went on for hours, over years.

    Does anyone remember the food markets under the NY Central tracks at Park and 116? I can still remember seeing eels for the first time, swimming around in a vat.

    Someone earlier was asking about Vito Marcantonio, a hero in our family, as was LaGuardia. There’s a memorial website,

    Best to all.

    • Bobby Maida Says:

      Evan Hunter (Ed McBain) also wrote a book called
      “A Matter of Conviction”(Takes place in East Harlem) which was later made into a movie
      called “The Young Savages” which starred Burt Lancaster


    anything new in the neighborhood?

  40. Bobby Maida Says:

    Anything New?
    Yes..there will be a Reunion for those who lived/grew up in Italian Harlem.
    Here is the info..
    The East Harlem Reunion in Memory of Anna Barone will be held on Friday..April 29, 2011 7:30PM til 11:00PM at:

    Villa Barone Manor

    737 Throgs Neck Expressway

    Bronx, NY 10465

    Cocktail Hour 7:30 PM..Dinner Following

    Open Bar..Dancing and Good Times with Friends

    “Club Dennis” Entertainment with

    Radio Dj Dennis Dion Nardone & GO-Vinnie

    $90 per person..Advance payment due by April 12, 2011

    For more information call Bobby (914) 787-0692

  41. C. CURZIO JR Says:



  42. Tommy Salt119th Says:

    Hello East Harlem.
    I was born and raised on 119th.and Pleasant.
    There was no place like Harlem any where else in the world. I wish I could go back and do it again. The best people anywhere !!

  43. Anonymous Says:

    i was raised on Pleasant Ave and 115th St.
    Anyone remember Shep’s Candy Store on the corner.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Yes. I remember Shep’s. Do you remember the potato sandwiches.I grew up 117 st. and Pleasant.

    • That insight’s perfect for what I need. Thanks!

    • Lucie Says:

      I think Spackle is spot on with this solution. If the state ddmanes people obtain a driving licence before being let loose behind the wheel, or that a doctor first be trained before he can practice medicine, then should not everyone be required to prove they understand the wider consequences of specific policies such as raising taxes or increasing handouts to single mothers, before they are allowed to vote?

    • Giovanie Says:

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    • Seven Says:

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    • sildenafil Says:

      You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.

  44. millie c Says:

    i remember sheps candy store i saw shep a few yrs bk at the o’giglio feast lift he has since passed .. Ah those pepper en egg sandwiches an 3 cig for a nickel .. those Were The Good Ole Days In East Harlem Memories I’ll Never Forget milly xo

  45. millie c Says:

    R~U A Girl Or Guy??? Remember The Redwings??? I Stayed In Jefferson Park Bk In The Late 5o’s When We Owned The Park lol lol Remember The Whitehouse ??? Went Down With All Our Secrets T/G lol lol

  46. millie c Says:

    Hi Curzio Yes Burt Was a Great Actor He Came From 106th Off 3rd Ave He Lived Over The Bread Store He Was Spotted In a Elevator an The Rest Is History His Sister Taught Me In The 5th Grade At PS 102>>113th St We Had Tony Franciosca Frm 116st Across From The HARLEM HOUSE ow Bout Johnny Roast Beef>>109st 2nd Ave.. i Pushed Him In The Carriage lol lol He Was In Viva Las Vegas Goodfellows,an Many TV Commercials.. Al Pacino 118st 3rd Ave Over The Ice Cream Parlor.. Then Moved To The Bx,,, The Girl Who Played
    Robert Di Neros Wife In”’ A Bronx Tale Came From 114st Pleasant Ave Haaaay We Had an Still Have Fame From East Harlem xo

  47. Hello Ms Millie C. ;

    Some time ago ; I was in the old neighborhood and was looking for the Delightful Restaurant and didn’t see it . Can you tell if they closed down t The Delightful ? A lot of the old places that are near and dear to our hearts are either going or already gone .

    I can tell even in my time , and I am in my 60 ‘s ; I am one of the last group that was taught by nuns in Catholic school . If you send your child to a Catholic School today they will be taught by regular lay teachers . All around the city of New York in the remaining Catholic schools they have regular lay teachers in the class room and gone or the days of ” corporal punishment ” . When i had the nuns , if they caught you even talking during class, they would come up and smack you right in the face, in front of everyone ,and tell you to stay late after class to clean blackboards or some other task . i do think the nuns went to far and have messed up a number of men and woman with their abusive ways.

    All the Best .

    C. Curzio jr.

    • Anonymous Says:

      u said a mouthful….Hated the nuns in Holy Rosary..I think they had their own problems…..Never sent my own kids to catholic school because of the memories I have with them….

  48. Bobby Maida Says:

    delightful is now dunkin donuts

    • James Says:

      Marcus Garvey Park? Maybe there will be more police ecenrofment now to get the crackheads/ crack dealers/ gang bangers out of the park. Go ahead and climb the stairs up to the Fire Watchtower (the highest point of the park) any time of day and you think you have gone back in time to view the open drug markets of the bad ole drug days of NYC in the ’80 s.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Curzio Jr Delightful Is No Longer There It Should Have Been a Landmark Was Great Working There Most Of The Whole Neighborhood Is Gone But We Keep On Going Down For The Feasts an Meet Up With The Young The Old an The Restless lol lol”’Wish We Could Turn Back Time It Was a Great Neighborhood To Be Born an Bred God Bless All Milly xoxoxo

  50. Camille M. Says:

    To Millie C.

    Enjoyed you stories — especially about the Red Wings – I remember them in the late 40’s early 50’s — they weren’t as bad as people say. Are any of them stil around?

    Camille M.

  51. Anonymous Says:

    I grew up on Pleasant Ave @ 115 St. A young teenager in the late 40’s early 50’s. Hung out at Shep’s Candy Store, but my father didn’t like my hanging out there. I don’t recognize any of the names in the above comments. Where are you people???

  52. gerry hoyt Says:

    Raised on E.120th st. between First Ave. and Pleasant Ave. My Mom,Angiolina Rutigliano was raised there also, her folks had an Italian food store on Pleasant Ave and E. 119th or E.120th. st. Her Mother was Lucy Angiulo and her Father was Michael Rutigliano I attended PS. 81, and lived at 409 E. 120th Street. Our apartment building was torn down for the building of the projects, but the school is still there. The opposite side of E. 120th. St. was not torn down .We moved around the corner to 2359 First Ave. and lived over a bar called Phil’s. I loved playing on the streets,

    • Bobby Maida Says:

      For more memories…go to the new-revised East Harlem site.
      For sign up instructions see…..

    • Don’t Remember Your Name But Your Still a Bond With All Of Us Ps 81 Left Me With Good Memories as a Teenager I Hail From 111st 2ndan3rd Aves Didn’t Matter The Bonding Of Friendship Was From 104st Up To 123St 1ST, 2nd an 3rd Aves That’s What a Great Neighborhood We Lived In
      East Harlem, Will Never Be Forgotten Passing All The Good Bad an The Ugly Down To Our Children, an Gr’Children We’re A Legend Thank You For Posting Your Message Love an God Bless
      Milly xoxo aieh

    • Sulayman Says:

      There are ways to deter skateboarders other than using signs. Most urban/suburban areas use small metal bratceks anywhere a skateboarder could possibly play . They are affixed every foot or so on the marble. Yes, I know it would negate the streamline look of the design, but at least it would reduce what the skateboarders can do in the circle area. As far as it being greener let’s let nature do her thing. Once those trees get a chance to grow it may turn out to be quite the oasis. Or as much of an oasis as there can be in NYC. In addition, why hang out in the busy circle when Central Park and Morningside Park are (at most) one block away?

  53. joey(legs) Says:

    still here- – dont reconize the names but the places and memoreis of the 60,s on pleasant ave will never go way (although many of us did)


    • milly Says:

      Hay Joey Legs,,You’re From The Good Ole”60’s… Did You Hang Out In Delightful ?? Were You Related To Danny Legs {r.i.p}.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Guy again, Danny Legs came from 119 st. and Pleasant Ave. The “Bison”. That’s the one I know.

  54. frank colucci Says:

    hi my name is frank colucci my mom and dad lived in harlem 119 and 116 street john colucci the colucci family and mo was nicoletta olvia they pass a way mom was 85 dad was 90 if they were alive to day my dad was god friends with rasohe was his best man at his wedding did u know sonny manquso nick name wawho let me know frankie c 5162879629

  55. Dominick Rocco Says:

    Although I was raised on 106th St.& First Ave., I have strong ties to the Giglio feast. My grandfather (on my mother’s side) was one of the founders of the feast in the early 1900’s. In 1925, his relatives sent him a life size figure of St. Anthony. For those who are old enough to remeber, that was the statue tjhat was carried around with people pinning money on it. I also went to Benjamin Franlin H.S..One brother, Frank, graduated in 1952, another in 1953 (Jack) and I in January 1954. There was the “Big 3″ feasts. 106 St., Greenpoint in Brooklyn and one in Astoria.

    • Hi Dominick, I Stood On 106th First Ave,,In Louisa an tony SalernoCandy Store,Stayed With Their Dght Judy In 1953,, Wondering If I Know You
      Were Your People Related To The Anuziatta’s???Milly aieh

      • Dominick Rocco Says:

        The Annunziattas were around the corner from me. I used to help them with the watermelons and the grapes. No relation. I was close friends with the grandson of Morvillo’s bakery. My brother use to play pinochle in Jake’s candy store (106 st. east of 1st ave.) I went to PS 168. My grandmother (my father’s side) donated the marble altar, stained glass windows and statues to St. Lucy’s Church.

      • Ohhh You an I Must Be The Same Age>>> AGELESS,,
        lol lol,, ps 168 Memories In That School yard Staying With The Devils,, St Lucy Rite Across The Street Do You Remember The Grocery Next To the Church, Nicky Nails Father Had It He Had a Sis Named Sis Who Married Fat Albert !!!
        Great Memories From E/H XO

      • Dominick Rocco Says:

        By the way, I did know Louisa and her daughter Judy. I have an old picture with Louisa, Me and Sal DeLuca. They were related to another branch of the Annuziattas. I think Louisa’s mother used to catch some of my brother’s pigeons and made soup with them. When we played stickball and the ball went near her, she’d cut the spaulding in half.

      • Maryam Says:

        laine.. great insightful commnet. and i think that you are true: this is the beginning of the end. What are the chances that after this nutjob gets the presidency a Reagan will appear from the blue? and after 4 or 8 years, won’t he be to racist and capitalist to be elected anyway?also if one of them will be elected, the damage BHO will make will be very difficult to fix

      • Maribel Says:

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      • Anisha Says:

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      • Dominick Rocco Says:

        I’m not related to tha Annunziatas. I lived on 1st Ave. between 106 & 107th St. One Annunziata family lived on 106th st. just west of 1st Ave.. The other Annunziatas (they sold the grapes and watermelons) lived on 106th St. near 2nd Ave..

      • Kelenna Says:

        Yet, insurance executives are smart enough to realize that QuotesChimp long for personal care; they want to be treated as indi�viduals, as “members of the family.” That’s why insurance com�panies pay advertising agencies millions of dollars to come up with homey slogans. As a consumer, you must realize that ad�vertising slogans are just that, no more, no less. Your decisions about the insurance you ultimately choose must be as cold-eyed and based on rational self-interest as will be the decisions the company makes about you.

    • Theresa Barisano Cullie Says:

      Hi, My family also lived on 106th street and first avenue across the street from Ciccone’s Bar. Maybe you are familiar with the Salerno and Corrado Families. My Mother was Margaret Corrado who married Eugene Barisano. My mother’s father was Dominick Corrado he used to be a night watchman on 106th Street and first avenue. His wife was Susie Salerno and one of her sisters was Pippenille (Josephine) One of my mother’s uncles was called Charlie 4 (cents). My family also new the Anuziatta’s. I remember my mother talking about a Millie Dabo. Would love to hear from anyone who is familiar with any of the mentioned families

      • Dominick Rocco Says:

        I put in a reply but i’ll repeat it. Millie Dabo (Millie Rocco)
        The address was 2057 1st Avenue, 4th floor. She’s my sister,

  56. Haaay No Fooling With Her,, She Was a Tough Lady,an I Said Lady Only Thru My Politeness Because It’s Sunday ha ha

  57. c. curzio jr. Says:

    Hello to All ,

    Great to hear from the oldtimes with such fond memories .
    I would like to say that as i now walk thru the neighboorhood it ‘s only a shel of it ‘s former self . Most of the places i knew are gone like the Delightful restaurant , and so on. I didn’t get that far down but wonder can any of you’se tell me if the Ideal PETShopis still around ? I beleiove it was on about hun an 10th or 11th street
    or so .
    One other thing i wanted to discuss was one of the downfals of the area around Pleasant Avenue was the advent of the drug scene , heroin . This really came on the scene strong in the late 50 ‘s and thru the sixty ‘s and destroyed a lot of lives sorry to say.

    please be well all .

    C. Curzio Jr.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hi,, Youe Rite Drugs They Were In an Out Of Every Block, But Luckee For The Girls The Guys Using Them Drugs Didn’t Have Enuff ToTurn Us On,,, Like They Do Today,,We Girls In The 50’s an 60’s Were Very Luckee,, I Worked The Delightful Rest Bk In The Late 60’s Great Food Great Protection For All Us Waitresses The Guys On The Corner Made Sure Of That,, Some Gone, Some at College ha ha But We Were Respected The Delightful, an That Corner Should Have Been a Landmark In E/H… The Pet Shop Was On 110~~111St, 3rd Ave Not There Anymore Just Another Memory Be Well God Bless
      Milly 111 St 2nd an Third Aves ,,

      • Annie Says:

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  58. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone have pictures of Delightful or the Colonial Tavern?

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Anybody remember the fireworks on 117st., and Pleasant Ave.I am the one that sold them. Guy -” Weggies cousin”

    • NANCY Says:


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    • Joey Says:

      Hi, I grew up on 117 st. and Pleasant Ave and remember all the fireworks, they were great. You should know my Uncle Ralph at the corner bar, my Uncle Joe Brains, Richard Bino, Joey Red, Funzie and my Mother Dolores Fiore, she then married Mario Bino, long story.

    • frank budano Says:

      I knew Weggies son Nickie and lived in Weggies fathers building 117 It was 410 or 408 it was a great time to grow up with good friends at 15 years old

      • hi frank.. which son??? he had one with barbara, an one with annmarei i loved weeggie,I Knew him as a kid.on the redwings he was the nicest guy >>>. he went downhill after they closed the club on 115st 1st n pleasant aves,, i last saw weeggie he was sitting in provanzos funeral home He Loved the neigh..he had no where else to sit he was in bad health… i’m glad i got to see an kiss him before he’re so rite i lived in good ole east harlem since i was born till 1958 moved to edison nj when it was a forest on the map ha ha nice talking to you keep touch
        God Bless !!!
        milly 111st aieh xo

      • frank budano Says:

        Barbara’s son.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone remember the pet shop on third avenue between 110th & 111th Street in the 90’s? What happen to the guy who worked there?

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone remember Claudio the Barber?

  62. C. CURZIO JR Says:

    hello All ,

    s9omebody mentioned Colonail Tavern , I often saw Mr. Tony Salerno outside the tavern during the day. He would often sit in a beach chair. He ws the numberws man. This was before the had the legal numbers in NY .
    one of the best things back then was Baseball . We had 3 teams then, NY giants atthew Polo Grounds, HUN fifty-fifth and 8thaven, AND Dodgers in Brooklyn , Ebbets field. Then the Yankees who seemed to win every year . The Mick and the rest of the Boys. In my housde we were al natrional league fans . The Yankees were the enemy. Willie Mays , was rgeat, not spolied like the guys today. You got a bench Jockey makng 5 milion today . Unheard of back then. Matter -of fact many of the players back then had to keep jobs in the off season to just make it . Also, riding the subway you had to have a token back then but today you tell the youngsters about a token they look at yuou like you’re nuts . ‘ What’s a token ?

    God Bless every one.

    C. Curzio Jr.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Hi everyone
      My name is Tito born and rise on 119 St
      I created a web page called pleasant Ave connection…. and you can get all your answers you need … Its on Facebook
      Joshua Nieves (pleasant avenue connection)

      • Anonymous Says:

        By the way ….there’s a lot of people you know on this page …dimarco..mahoney…….morones bakery etc

      • Rahul Says:

        I actually found your blog trguohh a list on a different website, and have enjoyed reading several of your posts. Though Book Release Party October 30th Chicago | Damian Serbu has been my most lovedso far! I have added your rss and intend on coming back to see what you post about next.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    Am happy to find this page again and read about the place that was my home for the first 10 years of my life. Harlem is in me. Am 74 now, and went to PS 80. Lived at 409 E. 120th st. My name is gerry, my sister was called Honey and my brother, Buddy. I played around the school, rollor-skated, stick-ball, hockey in the street and also went to playgrounds under the bridge. My best memories are of the fog rolling in early in the morning, the dance around the May pole on May 1st. and the feeling that you belonged. We were all sort of poor, but weren’t so aware of it because we were all in the same boat. Is there anyone out there who also went to the Baptist Church on 125th? take good care of yourself, and enjoy, love, gerry hoyt

  64. Tommy Salt 119th Says:

    Hello Every one..
    My name is Tom Saltarelli ( Tommy Salt 119th )
    I was born and raised on 119th between the avenue and the FDR.
    Just wanted to say Hi to every one from the old neighborhood.
    Sites like this show us the East Harlem is still alive.
    Its been alot of years that have gone by,but its still a great feeling to see all of the Harlem “family” that comes by to leaves comments
    Just goes to show ya….no place like home.

    • Bob Maida Says:

      Tommy…Good to see your posting..Hope to see you at the Feast this year..Best to you and all the family.

    • Camille M. Says:

      My mom, Margaret, and her family lived in 506, but house was sold in the late 40’s. When did you live there?

      • Phutry Says:

        The Concordia Lutheran Church Men’s Club will once again be selling Christmas trees and wahtres this year. The tree lot is located at the Church-School, 4245 Lake Avenue. Christmas tree sales will begin on Friday, November 23rd. The lot will be open 12:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily, except Saturday mornings, when it opens at 9:00 a.m. The proceeds from this fund raiser are used to support various projects and functions of the Concordia Church and school. A selection can be made from Scotch Pine, White Pine, Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, and Blue Spruce. These trees were just cut a couple of weeks ago. Please come see how fresh they are. Decorated and undecorated wahtres are also available. Your patronage would be greatly appreciated.

  65. Every Now From Time To Time I come bk on to read new an old mail i love east harlem born an raised on 111st my dads house is still there has a gate around it an a tree out front to the 2nd floor I.needed an ID To Enter The Bldg My Moms Friend Tessie Still Lives an Was Born In Her Aunts House Next Bldg To Us She’s Still Living Has 2 ~B At Least 90 Yrs ,Old She an Her Nephew Renovated The Whole Bldg To a Modern Look,, The Block Is Being Renovated For All People Who Are renting That Work In The City ”’The Only Remaining Memory Left Is The Fire House”’ ”An The Bldg That Machito The Band Leader Lived In MayGod Bless My Old an New East Harlem””’

  66. Anonymous Says:

    I want to say hello to Steven and Philip, this is Anthony cocomello, we went to school together. Class of 1970.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    is this the same milly that was friends with danny dunns mother

    • Anonymous Says:

      hello ‘ guy ‘ i remember you from 117 st. im not sure but i think i knew your father also. was your fathers nickname ‘ gas ‘ and did he hang out at fats pet shop on second ave between 118 st. & 119 st i knew lawrence from the parking lot and worked with danny legs.i was also there when you made a deal with danny dunn one night for ( i thimk it was ) a army uniform

  68. Anonymous Says:

    colucci family from harlem 119 st and pleaseant ave. my dads name was john colucci he was good friends with raos

  69. C CUR Says:



    • Anonymous Says:

      HI C`R

      I came from ole east harlem till late 50′ moved too edison nj when it was a tree ha ha moved back an was married from 173 east 111st my dad original house at 220 east 111st is still up renovated with a tree up to the 2nd floor

      we never had trees you now need ID… to get inside sold it in late 50’s for 28k it’s worth over 2 mill today my moms friend next bldgh is still up she an a nephew renovated it not like it was in da good ole days

      we all lived like one another no matter who had more or less we had the bakery sold bread for 7cents a loaf if leftovers we gave to the ppls in da block ……. everybdy ate

      i came originally from the firehouse block..with Machito da bandleader he was so nice i remember that he always came up da block singing an smiling he would pat all us kids on the head his wife helen an his children bk then were michael, mima, an barbara they moved away

      they were like us italians they were loved an respected … just had to say this wr do you live now i’m on the island Dis willie sutton was he da big bank robber or are you talkin someone in da neigh ha ha i worked delighful Rest on 116st bk in da late 60’s t/c

      milly aieh 111st

      • C CUR Says:


        Willie Sutton was from b\Brooklyn, and called the actor due to fact he put on uniforms like postman, and would get entrance to a bank and robbed them blind. e was in Atttica when they had the riots. Hey lot of my friends had pigeon coops back then, due you frecall them / Many would race them for money and there were big bets. The coops were on the roofs, but don’t think today land lords would agree to it now. However , I think back then Pleasant Ave.was one of safest places]] in city I think because of the boys , heavy hitters that controlled things guys like Fat Tony.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    I lived at 441 e 116th. Between 1944 – 1958. I cant remember the social club name located on the west side of pleasant ave. 116th-117st-118st. They had x-mas parties for neighbor kids. Anyone know the name ?

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